Myriad Sensors Announces First Commercial Product Aimed at EdTech

Palo Alto, Cali. - March 10, 2015 -- Myriad Sensors, Inc. today announced the release of its premiere hardware and software product, the PocketLab, developed by co-founders Clifton Roozeboom and Adrian Albert. The PocketLab is the first in what will be a series of products developed by Myriad Sensors aimed at impacting the lives of hobbyists, makers and students around the world.

Despite being a newcomer in consumer goods, Myriad's first product packs a punch. Fully loaded  with six embedded sensors, a splash- and shock-resistant case and changeable batteries, this 1”x 3” gadget can hang with the toughest crowd. After watching early testers interact with the PocketLab in a number of settings, durability became the team’s number one priority.  

“In order for PocketLab to be useful, it needs to go where you go,” said Clif Roozeboom, Myriad Sensors CEO. “We wanted a rugged tool that can help you explore anywhere.”

“The original idea came from watching students struggle through difficult physics lessons and thinking there must be a way to make this more applicable to everyday life,” Roozeboom said. “What if we gave people a tool to explore on their own terms?”  

PocketLab can help students gather and manipulate data like acceleration, barometric pressure and magnetic field strength in real time, anywhere they choose.  

Everyone in Roozeboom’s life, from his lab mates, to his crossfit friends, to his father, has tried PocketLab and found new uses for it. For fitness enthusiasts, PocketLab is a way to detect minute changes in their bodies’ strength and ability levels. For techies, PocketLab enables them to record and manipulate data to answer a multitude of questions. Recently a beta tester for PocketLab used the acceleration and gyroscope sensors to optimize the throwing arm of a robot that went on to place in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology, a national competition encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship).  And for Roozeboom’s father? He uses it to tell when the grill is hot enough.  

Ready to grab one for yourself? The PocketLab is available for pre-order on Kickstarter on March 10, 2015. Although PocketLab will eventually retail for a little more than $100.00, the earlybird price provided through Kickstarter is $78.00.  

The team at Myriad Sensors is committed to providing worthwhile products in the EdTech space and hopes to branch into chemistry and earth science with a new product slated for release in early 2016. Among the functions to be added are new sensors and software to synchronize video and data streams.


Myriad Sensors, Inc., located in Mountain View, California, is an angel funded start up company that is the maker of the PocketLab educational sensor, and has won awards from Yale University, Stanford University, ProtoLabs, and the Intel Education Accelerator, and has received funding from Incubic Management, Intel Capital, and the National Science Foundation.

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