Myriad Sensors, Inc., Joins Intel Education Accelerator

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Mountain View, CA, September 10, 2015 -- Myriad Sensors, Inc., the maker of the PocketLab educational sensor, has been selected in the inaugural group of Intel’s Education Accelerator. PocketLab is a wireless multi-sensor for engaging in hands-on science learning. PocketLab enables intuitive exploration of science concepts in the real world and lowers technological barriers for using science equipment. The PocketLab sensor can measure parameters such as altitude and acceleration and wirelessly stream data to an Apple or Android smart phone, tablet, or Chromebook. PocketLab was introduced earlier this year on Kickstarter, and sold over 1,000 units to educators, parents, and makers worldwide. Intel’s Education Accelerator program is targeted towards funding and accelerating education-oriented technology start-ups. Eight companies have been selected from hundreds of business plans, and Myriad Sensors is proud to be among the ones selected.

PocketLab is innovative because it is the first such tool that combines five independent sensors into a small, lightweight package, with one button operation, and does this at a cost that is ten times less than competitive sensor bundles. This will give more students, makers, and explorers the ability to use state-of-the-art sensors in their day to day hobbies, projects, and fun activities.

“Learning through hands on activities dramatically enhances science understanding. We designed PocketLab for intuitive use from college level engineering engineering courses to middle school science classes”, says Clifton Roozeboom, CEO and founder of Myriad Sensors. “If students can visualize how physics concepts are at work in activities like gymnastics, they can see the relevance and meaning to STEM education.”

According to John Galvin, VP and General Manager of Intel Education Group, “We are thrilled to have Myriad Sensors as part of our first Education Accelerator. We believe they have a very innovative and engaging education product and we look forward to helping them grow. Companies like Myriad Sensors is exactly why we decided to have an accelerator. They are bringing innovation to the classroom and how students can learn science.”


Myriad Sensors, Inc., located in Mountain View, California, is an angel funded start up company that is the maker of the PocketLab educational sensor, and has won awards from Yale University, Stanford University, ProtoLabs, and have received funding from Incubic Management, and an investment from Intel Capital.

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