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Re: Physics of a Pirouette

Robby ·
What a great lesson! Thanks so much for sharing it with the PocketLab community. We'll send you a free t-shirt for posting it.

Physics of a Pirouette

Emma Rocco ·
Have you ever wondered how a ballerina turns so quickly? This curriculum combines torque and angular velocity through conservation of momentum to show how torque is what allows a ballerina to turn so quickly.
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Using VelocityLab in an AP/College Physics Experiment Involving Rotational Dynamics

Rich ·
This experiment is designed for AP Physics and college physics students. It considers a solid cylinder of mass M and radius R that is rolling down an incline with a height h without slipping. Using energy and dynamics concepts, students first derive equations for (1) the speed of the center of mass of the cylinder upon reaching the bottom of the incline, and (2) the acceleration of the center of mass of the cylinder as it rolls down the incline. The free-body diagram at the center shows all...