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I'll be using PocketLab with Android tablets in a workshop with 8-12 students.  I'm trying to find compatible Android tablets.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and a Galaxy Tab E, both purchased this year, both running Android 4.4.4 and with Bluetooth support, but when I try to download the PocketLab app from Google Play the download is disallowed because the platform is identified as incompatible with the current version of PocketLab.  Although the list of supported Android tablets does not include these two explicitly, it does say "4.3 and newer..." so it seems these should qualify.  I cannot find Nexus tablets nor Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablets at any stores in my metro area.  Suggestions?



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Thanks for the question. Sorry you are experiencing some technical issues. 

That does seem odd that the store is saying your device is incompatible. It usually says that only if you're running an operating system older than 4.3 and we do have users running it on 4.4. Is it possible to update to Android 5.0? Or does the tablet not allow that?

We'll look into it on our end as well. When is your workshop? 



We did some more research. It turns out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has a few different builds/versions. Some of those builds can support our app and some of them cannot. With older tablets, (the Galaxy Tab 3 is from 2013), the combination of the hardware and operating system of each version can sometimes make it incompatible for whatever reason. A total of 5,000 Android devices/versions support the PocketLab app, so it can be difficult to test some of them, especially because one Android device can have many different versions/builds. We try to be on as many as we can. 

All versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab E do show up as supported however, so that should definitely work. Were you able to try downloading it on the Galaxy Tab E? 

I attached two images. One shows which Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 builds are supported and the other shows the support for Samsung Galaxy Tab E. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.38.15 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.38.49 AM

Let me know if the Tab E works. 

Thanks so much, 



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Thanks for the photos. Those are helpful. Were both photos for the Tab E? I can do some more research on the Tab E on my end, because it did look like all versions that are on our list are compatible, however I didn't see the Tab E Lite on the list at all.  

That's great you were able to get it to run on the Tab A. Will that be okay for the workshop or will you also need it running on the Tab E? 

One suggestion that may work, if you can't get access to other compatible devices is to have students download the PocketLab app on their phones (if they have them and if the rules permit them to have them out). I've did this for a workshop with some high school students when there wasn't enough devices at the school. I just needed one student per group to download the app and have their phone out. I used to teach at a school with a strict no-phone policy though, so I know that can sometimes be tricky. 

Let me know how else I can help or if you have any other questions. 



Thanks for your reply, Robby.  I will shuffle tablets around a bit if I can't get PocketLab running on the first two tablets -- the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab E-Lite -- so I'll be ok for the first workshop.  But I would like to use all of the tablets for the next workshop, if that's possible.  You're right that some students have Android phones that could be used, but our workflow involves moving from data collection to data analysis, using spreadsheets on the tablets, so it's best if all can be done on the tablets.  

The photos I sent are of the Samsung Galaxy Tab E-Lite.  



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