Datasheet for operational limits and accuracy?

Is there a datasheet that can tell us what the PocketLab can withstand?  For instance, how much impact can it take, and what kind of temperatures can it operate in?  Is it safe to drop it from two stories up arrested by a rope, or do I need to put a spring in for it to decelerate at the end or something?  I'd also be interested in the accuracy of the different sensors.  Is this information readily available?

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Hi Joel, 

Thanks so much for your question and your interest in PocketLab! 

We have some specs on our press page that may help answer some of your questions. Here is the link:

We are also updating our homepage to include these specs. That should be up later today. 

In terms of impact, our drop test is 6 feet on concrete. The PocketLab doesn't break, but the coin cell battery can pop out at that impact, causing the PocketLab to disconnect. A two story drop would depend on the surface it's landing on, but the battery holder could break off from the circuit board at that height.

However, to help increase the amount of impact the battery/battery holder can withstand, there is quick hack you can do. First, remove the backplate of the PocketLab. Next, tape a small piece of foam to the backplate so it lines up with the battery when you put the backplate back on the PocketLab. We've seen a few teachers do this, and the foam acts as a shock absorber for the battery. This significantly increases the impact that the battery/battery holder can take. 

The silicone protective case also helps increase the impact it can withstand and if you put the PocketLab inside a foam ball, it's virtually indestructible. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. 



That's great, thanks!  You might want to add the mass of both the PocketLab + battery and the case.

The specs say the magentometer has a 1,000 μT range, but using the magnets included in the Maker Kit, we were seeing readings in excess of 4,000 μT (vector magnitude, after zeroing to the ambient magnetic field).  Can you give an overview of what happens in the overspec range?

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