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I got two 5-packs of PocketLabs and am running the What is Temperature? Lab in which the PocketLabs get submerged in water inside sealed plastic bags. All of the PocketLabs paired well initially, but then a couple of them began coming unpaired and wouldn't repair and the LED wouldn't turn on. 

When I opened up the back of them there was condensation inside. I absorbed as much liquid as I could, popped out the battery and dried it and its contacts. But when I inserted the battery back in the LED wouldn't turn on, except briefly when held in a particular position by a screwdriver. I've been unable to get two of my ten PocketLabs to pair again for this reason and a third because the box with the on/off button on it came detached from the board.

Any suggestions on the pairing issues and on how to reattach the button? Thanks!

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Hi Ms. Tucker, 

Sorry about the issues you're experiencing. If you email me at we can get you replacement devices for the ones you are experiencing issues with. We can get them shipped out to you tomorrow. 

For the two PocketLabs that will only connect when the battery is in a specific place, it could be that the battery is a little loose in the battery holder, making a solid connection hard to establish. We've seen this happen when the springs in the battery case aren't pushed forward enough. To fix the issue, remove the battery, then take a small flathead screw driver or knife and push the back springs/prongs forward slightly, so they will better hold the battery in place. This can be a little hard to explain, so I attached a picture showing how to push them forward.

The other seven units are working properly now, correct? About submerging them in water, the Bluetooth connection is much more difficult to maintain because the radio signal has to travel through the water. Also, I would add masking tape to the Ziploc bag to make sure it stays sealed. 

Thanks so much, 

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