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Hello! I live in a hilly area, and tried to do a test measuring the temperature from an area of low elevation to a nearby high area. The temperature moved up and down predictably as I went, but later I noticed that all of the readings were at least 10 degrees F higher than they should be, based on a weather station I live next to, and my own memory of what 80 degrees feels like. Is there a way to re-calibrate the sensor, or does it need to sit in a place for a certain amount of time before it gets the correct reading?

Thanks in advance,

Bryan McSweeney

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Hi Bryan, 

Thanks so much for your question. The temperature sensor has a longer time constant than something like a probe, so it does take longer to "settle" on the correct temperature. My guess is that the PocketLab was inside a bag/pocket ahead of time and then never settled to the correct temperature before the data collection began. 

Also, when you were walking through the hilly area, where did you have the PocketLab? Even if the PocketLab was in your hand, your body heat could have kept the temperature reading from "settling" on the true ambient temperature. 

Let me know if that clarifies things. 

Thanks so much, 


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