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Importing Data from iOS Phones and Tablets to Notebook

Recording field data using the iOS app is easy, but how can I import that data into Notebook?

iOS Field Recording Procedure

  1. Download the PocketLab App from the App Store.
  2. Open the App.
  3. Click "Connect a PocketLab".
  4. Turn on your PocketLab Air by pressing the button on top. The led light should begin to flash green and red.
  5. Select your device from the connection window.
  6. Your device should connect and you'll begin to see data streaming in real time.
  7. Record Data
  8. When finished click stop and then the share icon in the bottom right. Click "Share Data" and choose the location you wish to save your .csv data file. We recommend saving your .csv file to Google Drive or sharing it via email so that you can easily access it on a computer later.
  9. Later, download the file onto your computer from Google Drive, your email, or another location you have it saved.
  10. To open your saved data in Notebook, on the trials page or in a collect data card, click "Import Data" instead of "Connect a PocketLab" and select the file.
  11. Fill out the form to import the data. Use time "t(s)" for the X-Axis and the data you wish to graph as the Y-Axis.

Note: You can use most of the features of Notebook on iOS phones and tablets, but they do not support Bluetooth in web applications at this time. You will need to record data using the iOS app to save your data, but then you can upload the saved data to Notebook on your iOS phone or tablet instead of your computer if you'd like. Still, we recommend using Notebook on a computer for the best experience.