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What is PocketLab Notebook Pro?

PocketLab Notebook Pro is an upgraded version of PocketLab Notebook with specific features designed for educators for use in the classroom.

You can access a free trial of PocketLab Notebook Pro. After you create a PocketLab Notebook account, you can start the free trial by clicking Upgrade to PocketLab Notebook Pro. 


With PocketLab Notebook you can: 

  • Collect and save scientific data with a PocketLab sensor
  • Create a Lab Report where you can add data, write down your observations and conclusions, add images and videos of your experimental set-up and more. 
  • Access your Lab Reports and saved PocketLab data from any device at any time. PocketLab Notebook is cloud-based meaning your experiments are accessible from your phone, your computer, or any other device. 
  • Collect data manually (without a sensor) and add the data to tables, bar charts, and scatter plots. 
  • Add .csv files of data collected with sensors from other brands to add to your Lab Reports
  • Add .csv files of public data sets, or other sources to add to your Lab Reports

With PocketLab Notebook Pro you can: 

  • Create Classes for your students
  • Create student accounts and rosters
  • Import classes and students from Google Classroom
  • Build and manage Lab Groups
  • Assign Lab Reports to students individually or in groups
  • Easily provide example data for students to analyze
  • Monitor student progress on Lab Report lessons and give feedback in real-time
  • Access an ever growing library of resources and Lab Report lessons to use in your classroom
  • Integrate with your Google Classroom account

    For a more in-depth look into how to use Notebook Pro, see this article:

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