Measuring Acceleration

The acceleration graph can be tricky to read at first. This article explains how to break it down in a simple way.

Connect your PocketLab Voyager and view the acceleration graph. Follow the steps below to understand how the accelerometer works. 


Measuring Gravity with PocketLab Voyager's Accelerometer

With PocketLab Voyager at rest, change its orientation with respect to Earth's gravity. How does the graph change? See the diagram below. 

Acceleration - gravity

Measuring Movement with PocketLab Voyager's Accelerometer

Shake PocketLab Voyager back and forth along different axes. How does the graph change?

Acceleration - movement

Measuring Free Fall with PocketLab Voyager's Accelerometer

Switch to the Acceleration Scalar graph. The Acceleration Scalar graph is designed to measure projectiles. Throw your PocketLab Voyager in the air and catch it. How do the forces acting on the PocketLab Voyager affect its acceleration?

Acceleration - free fall

Experiments and lessons that use PocketLab Voyager's Accelerometer

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