How quickly does PocketLab Air measure changes?

Gas and weather sensors take a few minutes to measure some changes.

Sensor Settling Time

Gas and weather sensors need time to settle on ambient conditions. Some events will cause immediate changes in data (breathing on the PocketLab Air will spike the CO2 graph for example), while other, more subtle events, will change more gradually over time. The PocketLab Air gives data in instant readings and as a running, 10 minute average. 

Make sure you give the sensors time to settle on ambient conditions. If you walk from indoors to outdoors, the CO2 readings won’t immediately drop to 400 ppm. It will take a few minutes for the air to circulate in the PocketLab and for the sensors to settle. 

The internal temperature sensor is different than a digital thermometer or temperature probe in that it is best for measuring ambient conditions over time, not instantaneous readings. Make sure to give the temperature reading time to settle on the ambient temperature of the room. Because the sensor is inside about 6 ounces of plastic, it will take some time for the air temperature inside the PocketLab itself to match the air temperature in the room (especially if it was inside the case, a backpack, etc.).