How to rename PocketLab sensors?

Learn how to rename PocketLab sensors to make it easier to identify them.

Renaming PocketLab Voyager and Weather

Only PocketLab Voyager, Weather, and G-Force can be renamed at this time. For other PocketLab sensors, it is best to turn on a few at a time and connect using the signal strength indicator.

The names of the PocketLab Voyager and Weather can be changed. This can make it easier for students to know which PocketLab they are selecting to start a connection.

  1. Go to on a Chrome or Edge browser
  2. Click Connect a PocketLab
  3. A Bluetooth window will appear. Turn the PocketLab on, the name of the PocketLab should appear in the window. (Likely it's PL Voyager)
  4. Click the name and click pair.
  5. Once paired click the setting icon in the upper right corner. Then click Rename PocketLab
    rename pocketlab
  6. Type the new name of the PocketLab (PL Group 1 for example)
  7. Click Save
  8. Turn the PocketLab off by holding the power button.
  9. Refresh the browser page.
  10. Click Connect a PocketLab and repeat the connection process
    NOTE: It is expected that the name of the PocketLab will not have changed yet. Do not open the renaming menu again as this will reset the process.
  11. Once connected, turn the PocketLab off again and refresh the browser page.
  12. Repeat the connection process again. The old name might still appear.
  13. Turn the PocketLab completely off and refresh the page again. Then connect your PocketLab again.
  14. Repeat the connection/reconnection process 3 times or until you see the new name of the PocketLab.