How to use Crash Mode with PocketLab G-Force

PocketLab G-Force can record acceleration at a much higher data rate to capture collisions.

Collisions can happen in a fraction of a second, sometimes smaller than the default data rate can capture. Use Crash Mode to capture more accurate collision data at 200 points/second. 

  1. Connect to your G-Force sensor.
  2. Open the settings menu and click "Crash Mode".crash mode 1
  3. Click "Record".crash mode 2
  4. The sensor will wait for the car to start moving, then record for 6 seconds. Your collision should take place within this time period.
  5. After 6 seconds. Your data will be displayed. crash mode 3

NOTE: Only acceleration data is recorded at 200 points/second. Displacement and Velocity will be recorded at the default variable data rate since they depend on how fast the wheels are spinning.