How to use PocketLab Sensors offline

PocketLab sensors can be used without internet to collect data outside of the classroom

You are able to connect to PocketLab sensors, record, and download .csv file data without an internet connection. Some Notebook features, like saving to the cloud and editing lessons, require an internet connection.

  • On Chromebook/PC/Mac, if the PocketLab Notebook page is loaded you can continue to collect and export .csv data as long as you do not refresh the page. 
  • On the iOS or Android apps, you can always open the app to collect and export .csv data. 

You can still collect data even if you lose your internet connection while the sensor is paired. The Bluetooth connection will not drop, and recordings will not stop if you lose connection. 

For more information on saving .csv files, see this article:

How do I save a CSV file of my data?