How to use the Teacher Dashboard to review student progress

After assigning a lesson, you can easily see student progress and give feedback in real time.


Using the Dashboard

After assigning a lesson to students, the dashboard will display student progress. In the image below, you can see that none of the students have opened the assignment yet.

dashboard 0

After students have made some progress in the lesson, the icons will light up showing the sections they've answered. Each box with an icon represents a section students can respond to. 

dashboard 4

Review Student Responses

Clicking on any of the sections will let you jump into that student's lesson to see their answers. From this screen you can click left and right to see the other student's answers to the same question, or up and down to go to the other sections in that lesson.

dashboard 2-1

Give Feedback

You can open the Feedback tab at the bottom of the screen to give students feedback on their work. You can use the quick feedback buttons or type specific feedback for the students. 

dashboard 3

After giving quick feedback, the sections will be color coded so you can see how students are doing at a glance. In the image below we see blue and green so students are doing well on this lesson.

dashboard 1