My PocketLab Air won't hold a charge

What to do if your PocketLab Air will only power on while plugged into power.

Sometimes if the battery on the Air drains completely it can get stuck in a state where it turns on while plugged in, but the battery is so low it does not gain any charge while it is on. The battery may be able to charge back to full if the device is charged while powered off. Follow the steps below to charge while powered off.

1. Plug in the PocketLab Air. The LED lights should turn on.
2. Hold down the power button for five to ten seconds. The LED lights should turn solid red. Release the button and the lights should remain turned off. If the lights turn back on, wait a minute and try again. 
3. Keep the device plugged in for at least three hours. No LED lights should be flashing, and you should not be able to hear the internal fan.
4. Unplug the device and press the button to turn it on. The LED lights should begin flashing and it will be ready to connect. 
The Air should be fully charged at this point. If it still does not hold a charge please reach out to