PocketLab Temperature Probe FAQ

Find answers for commonly asked questions about the External Temperature Probe

What's the difference between the built-in temperature sensor and the attachable temperature probe?

The built-in temperature sensor is a band-gap temperature sensor that's integrated with the humidity and pressure sensor. It's good for measuring air temperature, but takes longer to measure changes. The attachable temperature probe can measure air temperature as well, but also the temperature of surfaces and liquids. The probe responds to changes much more quickly that the internal sensor. 

Use the temperature probe for measuring quick changes in temperature
Use the internal temperature sensor for measuring long term, ambient conditions

What's the response time of the probe?

While the internal temperature sensor can take a couple minutes to respond to a change in the ambient air temperature, the external probe responds almost immediately. 

What type of temperature sensor is the probe?

The probe is a thermistor. The term "thermistor" is a combination of "thermal" and "resistor". As temperature changes the resistance of the thermistor also changes, so with a small electric current changes in temperature can be measured almost instantaneously.

What is the temperature range of the probe?

-40° to 105°C (-20° to 221°F)

What is the coating material of the probe?

The coating is dipped ethoxyline resin. It's moisture resistant, offers good electrical resistance, and a small time constant for temperature measurements. 

Is the probe safe in acids/bases?

Yes, the probe is safe for most commonly used acids and bases.