PocketLab Thermo Specifications

The specifications of the Thermo temperature probes and battery are listed below, as well as diagrams, and LED flashing codes


Download a PDF of the PocketLab Thermo Manual

PocketLab Thermo Diagram

thermo diagram new


thermo led codes

Note: Probes are waterproof, and safe to use in most acids and bases. 

Sensor circuit board IS NOT waterproof.

Technical Specifications

Battery Life 240 hours of connected streaming
Battery Type CR2032 coin cell
Temperature Probe Range -55° to 125°C (-67° to 257°F)
Accuracy 0.5°C (0.9°F)
Resolution 0.01°C (0.02°F)
Data Rate 4 points/sec (4 Hz) to 1 point/min (0.017 Hz)
Probe Length 1 meter (3 ft)
Device Compatibility

Uses Built-in Bluetooth 4.0.

Connects to almost any Mac computer, Windows computer, Chromebook, iOS device, or Android device.

PocketLab Thermo Diagram (version 1)

Note: If you have version 1 of PocketLab Thermo see the following diagram and assembly directions. 


Cover Assembly Instructions

  1. Orient the plastic cover so that the on/off button aligns with the cutout in the cover.
  2. Push the 4 plastic screws through the plastic cover and then through the standoffs.
  3. Line up the 4 screws with the mounting holes in the sensor circuit boards and push through.
  4. Screw on the 4 nuts to the screws on the back side of the sensor circuit board.
  5. Optional: loop the rubber band through the slotted hole in the plastic cover. This will allow you to wrap the temperature probe cables around the sensor and bundle in place with the rubber band.