Measuring Temperature

The internal temperature graph can sometimes look different than a temperature probe graph. Learn about the differences.

Why do the internal temperature readings seem too high? 
If the internal temperature readings seem too high, remember that the sensor is on the circuit board of the PocketLab. If the PocketLab has recently been charging or is currently charging, the internal temperature readings will read higher because the circuit board is warmer. If the PocketLab has been sitting in the sun or recently been warmed in someone's hand, it could have warmed the air inside the PocketLab. Make sure to give your PocketLab time to settle on ambient conditions away from direct sunlight. 

Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure - BME component

The internal temperature sensor is part of a component called a BME which is connected to the barometric pressure sensor and the humidity sensor. These three sensors use each other for calibration. If you are noticing that humidity reading is a little off, it could be because your internal temperature sensor is running a little warm. See the above section about why the internal temperature readings can seem too high. 


Two ways to record temperature with Voyager and Weather

Both PocketLab Voyager and PocketLab Weather have two ways to measure temperature. The internal temperature sensor is a sensor inside the PocketLab on the circuit board and measures air temperature. The attachable temperature probe plugs into the side of a PocketLab Voyager or Weather and is a thermistor that can measure air temperature as well as the temperature of surfaces and liquids.

Note: PocketLab Air only has the internal temperature sensor.

Settling time

These sensors take time to settle on the correct temperature. The internal temperature sensor can take a number of minutes to settle on the ambient conditions it is measuring. Make sure to give the internal temperature sensor plenty of time to settle on ambient conditions. 

The temperature probe responds and settles to changes in temperature much faster than the internal temperature sensor. 

Use the temperature probe for measuring quick changes in temperature
Use the internal temperature sensor for measuring long term, ambient conditions