Connecting when multiple PocketLabs are in one classroom

When multiple PocketLabs are in a classroom, how can students tell which is theirs when connecting?

In a classroom setting, if multiple students are trying to connect their PocketLabs to their devices all at once, students may not know which PocketLab to select to begin their connection. Here are a couple simple tricks to get the students connected to the right PocketLab: using the signal strength indicator and renaming PocketLab Voyager.

Signal Strength Indicator

When connecting to a PocketLab on PocketLab Notebook or in the PocketLab iOS app the connection window will display all of the names of the PocketLabs that are currently advertising. Next to the name of each PocketLab is a Bluetooth signal strength indicator. If all of the names of the student PocketLabs are the same, students should hold their PocketLab close to their device and select the PocketLab with the strongest signal strength. That should be the closest PocketLab to their device.

In the example below, PL Voyager is closer to the computer and has a higher signal strength. 


Renaming PocketLab Voyager and Weather

Unfortunately, only PocketLab Voyager and Weather can be renamed at this time. For other PocketLab sensors, it is best to turn on a few at a time and connect using the signal strength indicator.

The names of the PocketLab Voyager and Weather can be changed. This can make it easier for students to know which PocketLab they are selecting to start a connection.

  1. To rename a PocketLab you will need to connect to the PocketLab and then click on the settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. From the settings menu, select "Rename PocketLab". 
  3. Change the name of the PocketLab. "PL Group1; PL Group 2; PL Group 3" are good examples of how you could change the name of PocketLabs used by different lab groups.
  4. Disconnect the PocketLab and start the connection process again. The new name of the PocketLab should now be shown in the connection screen. 

Note: When changing the name on the PocketLab iOS app it may require you to connect and disconnect your PocketLab twice before the new name of the PocketLab is displayed.