How do I set up Google Classroom in Notebook?

Learn how to use your Google Classroom account with PocketLab Notebook to automatically create classes and rosters

With a PocketLab Notebook account you can manage your science classroom and send student PocketLab Lessons. If you use Google Classroom, you have the option to automatically import your class rosters to create your classes and student accounts. This quick video will walk you through how to import classes from Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Steps
Follow these steps in Google Classroom to make sure your class is ready to be used in PocketLab Notebook Pro. 

  1. Log in to to your Google Classroom account at
  2. Make sure all students have accepted your Google Classroom invite and are part of your Google Classroom. 
  3. Your Google Classroom is now ready to be added to PocketLab Notebook

PocketLab Notebook Steps

Now that your Google Class is ready to be used in PocketLab Notebook, follow these steps. 

  1. Log in to your PocketLab Notebook account using Google single sign on.
  2. Click on the Classes page in the side navigation panel
  3. Click "Add Class".
  4. There are two types of classes you can add: Standard Class and Google Classroom. Select the tab for Google Class.
  5. A window with a list of your Google Classes will be shown - select the Google Class you wish to add to PocketLab Notebook
  6. Your Google Class will automatically be added to PocketLab Notebook - your student roster should show the names of your students from Google Classroom
  7. Your students can now log in with the "Sign-in with Google" feature and will now see assignments you send to them

Student Sign in with Google

Now that you have added a Google Class to your PocketLab Notebook account, your students should follow the steps below to log in to their accounts

  1. Students should open a Chrome browser and navigate to
  2. Students should click "Students"
  3. Students should click "Continue with Google" 
  4. A Google sign in pop-up will appear - students should sign in with their Google account that is associated with the Google Classroom
  5. Students will now have a PocketLab Notebook student account and will see lessons that you assign them in their Lab Reports section

Note: The iOS app does not currently support Sign on with Google. If your students will be using the iOS app, you can create a standard Notebook class.