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How do I set up classes and assign Lab Reports in Notebook Pro?

With a PocketLab Notebook Pro account you can create student accounts, set up a classroom, and assign Lab Reports to students.

This article will show you how to set up your classes directly in Notebook Pro. If you would like to import your classes from Google Classroom, see this article:

How do I set up Google Classroom in Notebook Pro?

Setting Up Classes

  1. In the PocketLab Notebook app, click "Classes" in the sidebar
  2. Click Add Class 

  3. Fill in your class information in the form that pops up and click Create
  4. Click Add Students to create student accounts 
  5. Add students names to the roster, each on a separate line. Make note of any capitalization and abbreviations you use as these will also be the student's usernames for signing in.


  6. Click Add Lab Reports to assign a lab report to students
  7. Select a Lab Report from your Lab Report Library
  8. Choose to assign to students in Lab Groups or as Individual Work. If you select Lab Groups, click Add Lab Group and choose which students are in each group. 
  9. Click See Lab Report to view student lab reports in real time, monitor progress, and add comments.