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How do my students log in to Notebook?

With Notebook Pro, you can assign lab reports that students can work on collaboratively at home or in class.

For a guide to setting up your classroom and adding students, see this article:

How do I set up classes and assign Lab Reports in Notebook Pro?

Students can log in to Notebook in two ways:

Logging in with a Class Code

  1. When logged in as the teacher, you can find your Class Code in the Classes section of Notebook.


  2. If you initially set up your class with Student Codes, you can find those in your Notebook class by clicking Student Codes, and then Show. You can also download these codes and save them if you'd like. 



  3. Students can log in by navigating to thepocketlab.com/app and clicking Students Here in the top right. 


  4. Students can then enter their Class Code, name, and Student Code (if you're using it) to log in.

    NOTE: Students will need to enter their name exactly as it is entered in your roster, including capitalization and punctuation. For example in our class, Albert would have to type "Albert E." to log in. 


Student Sign in with Google

For instructions on adding a Google Class to Notebook, see this article:

How do I set up Google Classroom in Notebook Pro?

  1. Students should open a Chrome browser and navigate to thepocketlab.com/app
  2. Students should click Students Here
  3. Students should click Student Sign in with Google 
  4. A Google sign in pop-up will appear - students should sign in with their Google account that is associated with the Google Classroom
  5. A window will appear that asks students to confirm they are a student - students should click I am a student
  6. Students will now have a PocketLab Notebook student account and will see lessons that you assign to them in their Lab Reports section