Getting Started with Conceptual Academy

Find resources to help get you started with Conceptual Academy and PocketLab Notebook.


If you are interested in purchasing Conceptual Academy for your High School, find more information here: PocketLab + Conceptual Academy

Create a Notebook Account

Create your PocketLab Notebook account at For more information see:

Getting Started with PocketLab Notebook

Navigating Conceptual Academy

Conceptual Academy Curriculum can be found in the sidenav. If you do not see Conceptual Academy, reach out to your admin or to receive access.

Additional Notebook Features

  • My Lessons: Create, edit and share your own interactive Notebook Lessons. Assign your own lessons to students.
  • PocketLab Library: Find hundreds of free supplemental science activities. Edit your own versions of publicly available lessons and assign them to students.
  • Classes: Create or import classes. Create student accounts and manage rosters. View student assignments, give feedback, and make edits in real time.
  • Trials: The quickest place to connect a sensor and record some data. 

Notebook Resources